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About Vedic Astrology

The science of astrology originated in India and has been practiced continuously for more than 8,000 years. Records of astrological knowledge are to be found in the history of all nations and among the relics of all civilizations, past and present. Besides India, rich astrological traditions have been discovered in China, Chaldea, Babylon, Egypt, Persia and Arabia. Apart from the Vedic records, perhaps the oldest records of astrological practice are to be found in China.

Lakshmidass Nair – Vedic Astrologer

Lakshmi Dass - Astrologer Lakshmidass Nair is a hereditary vedic astrologer and he has learned this art from his famous father Dr T BALAN NAIR who has been practicing this profession for the past six decades and has huge clientele all over the world. He is a Sanskrit scholar